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Here's what business owners can expect when working with Cliff Jump Media

Greetings, fellow business owners. I hope this message finds you well during these crazy times. Your time is valuable, so I’ll get right to the point. 

I wanted to introduce myself to our new followers and also reintroduce Cliff Jump Media to those who are taking another look at what we're all about.

I am the founder of this small but mighty agency, and we offer a wide range of marketing services all dedicated to getting small businesses like yours more customers. Sounds great, right? Well, I’m not naïve enough to think you’re not getting pitches like these left and right or are even looking for these types of services in the first place. If you’re happy with your current level of customers or think you can get more people in the door doing it yourself, happily move along with your day. Won't hurt my feelings one bit. 

If you are looking for more customers (who isn’t, right?), here’s a little bit about me and what my business is all about. I’m a former journalist not a salesman, so I don’t have a fancy one-size-fits-all offer for all my clients. I will say our approach is holistic, all the services of a big fancy agency but with a personal touch. Everything we do has a purpose, and is backed by cold, hard facts.

But I sure as heck can’t tell you exactly what your business needs without talking to you first. So that’s just what I’ll do, take the time to find out what you’re all about, what your hopes and dreams are, pains and challenges... and of course get into the nitty gritty like customer flow, brand identity, pricing and all that good stuff. 

That personal focus is the only way you can effectively tell a story that’s going to resonate with your audience and build a brand. Like I said, I’m a former journalist not a salesman.

So, if you are ready to take the leap on building a marketing strategy together that will get more customers in the door, don’t be shy, send a quick reply and we’ll jump on a call to get started. 



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