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How Cliff Jump Media finds the perfect audience for your story to drive scalable results

Stories are powerful, and everyone has one. 

But not every story makes a powerful connection with every person. This might be stating the obvious, but it’s important to think about – especially when it comes to your brand. 

Let’s take Soaring Hawk Vineyards, a small, boutique winery on California’s Central Coast that Cliff Jump Media has had the privilege of working with over the past few weeks. First off, the wine is amazing; if you haven’t tried it, I suggest you do.

That’s the thing, not many people have heard of Soaring Hawk. That’s the crux of its story, one that has infinite appeal to wine enthusiasts looking for a more intimate, less cold and corporate experience. Soaring Hawk also isn’t looking to add so many new customers that it loses its quaint, family-like experience. 

Now, let’s stop here. 

The story you’re beginning to see emerge here is one of a lovely, small winery in the midst of the hundreds of others in one of California’s top wine regions. It’s a story that may not appeal to those looking for the big, corporate-owned wineries with expansive tasting rooms, etc., etc. But there is that crowd that just might be turned off by that, looking for a more personal experience, where they don’t have to take a second mortgage out on their house to become a member. 

That’s the story of Soaring Hawk, and when you couple that with the details of how it came to be – four friends from the L.A. area looking for a better life built around sharing great wine with even better friends – then that’s where you strike gold. That’s the story a brand manager should spend the extra time digging into and telling, and that’s the story that will connect to those customers the owners want at their winery. 

It’s not doubling or tripling their membership list. It’s not accommodating limo after limo of bachelorette parties and out of towners. In fact, they’d run out of wine if that were the case! This is a story of connecting with just the right audience for just the right, scalable growth. 

The end result is a revamped website highlighting that exact feel, a renewed social media presence targeting audiences looking for a more intimate experience and themed advertisements for smart, digital and local media buys. 

It’s been a pleasure working with Soaring Hawk and we look forward to connecting with other local businesses looking to connect their story with the right audience. 

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