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Cliff Jump Media | Because your story matters...

Cliff Jump Media is challenging the idea of what a media company can achieve as the landscape becomes more and more complex and moves faster every day.

We're rethinking where, how and why content is created and published. We're an innovative new media company, and we believe we're building something special.

We know just how important your brand is to you; it's your story, and we'll use it to cultivate a more intimate relationship with customers that's all about driving action and measured success. 



Here's the deal. The old-school way of advertising, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, is outdated and dying. We'll connect your story to the right digital audience so whatever you're offering is irresistible.


Journalists are looking for good stories all the time. And a solid press release strategy can do wonders for your business through earned media. But it has to be done right.


We provide engaging, search-engine friendly copy that drives awareness of your brand, boosts your Google rankings and converts passing interest into engagement and transaction.


You're business is your identity; we get it. And we're betting there's a compelling story behind it that will resonate with customers. We'll work with you to make sure your brand tells the world exactly who you are. That's what resonates.


We place high value on in-person meetings and would be happy to come to you wherever you are. Email us or fill out the interest form to get the ball rolling. We look forward to hearing from you.